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JChen Website

This Site!

I re-built this website using the latest and the greatest Rails 6.1 and Foundation 6.6. It's fully responsive so feel free to resize and view it using different mobile devices. My previous site felt dated so I decided to create a new one using some of the monotone aesthetics of current design trends.

JChen Old Website

My Former Site

My previous site was created using Rails 4 and Bootstrap 3 in early 2014. It was a simple, responsive design that was inpired by other blogs. While it suited the purpose, I wanted a newer, cleaner, more modern look which is why I built the current version.

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Sam Sultan Website

NYU JavaScript Class Project

This is the site I created as a final project for my NYU JavaScript class. I coded the frontend over a couple of weeks, placed it within a rails framework and pushed it up to Heroku.

If you're technically inclined, please visit my Github repo to read more about it. Otherwise, to visit the demo site please click on the "Take Me To The Site" link below.

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Mrs Blooms Popup Store WebSite

Mrs. Blooms Popup Store

This popup store was created for a client that had a tight time frame and very limited budget. They wanted to quickly create a store to sell flowers during Mother's Day.

Step Up Website

Step Up

This was a web app built with Rails 4 and Bootstrap 3 for a non-profit during a hackathon over 24 hours. The app allows users to log in with social as well as traditional email. It also allows for mentors to connect with mentees by searching their profiles for keywords. The mentors and mentees can message each other through the admin. The admin panel allows for control over the entire app. Here's the Github repo.

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RubiconMD Website


Before working for RubiconMD full time, I was hired on a freelance basis to code their frontend. RubiconMD is a startup that's tackling a problem in the healthcare space. The platform allows primary care physicians to obtain remote consults.

The frontend project was originally done with Bootstrap 3 in the Spring of 2014.

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Mrs Blooms Mobile WebSite

Mrs. Blooms Mobile Store

My former client, Mrs. Blooms, wanted a site created for their mobile truck store. Again they had a very limited budget. I was able to create this responsive site for them.